This is the first Ebook I’ve written for both proud Beta-fags AND Alpha Masters, at every level of experience. At over 280 Pages it is truly the supreme guide to the deliciously twisted and extremely rewarding Master-slave lifestyle. 


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Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in Alpha-Beta:

  • How to become a TRUE Alpha (Even if you think you’re too “normal” or “nice”)
  • How to be a worthy Beta, the kind that TRUE Alphas love to use and dominate
  • Types of Slaves (Hint: You don’t have to be a slut, but it helps!)
  • Playing The Roles 
  • Slave Training Foundations
  • Physical, Mental, and Financial Domination
  • Reward And Punishment 
  • Finding Your Ideal Master, or Slave(s)
  • Negotiating “Relationships”
  • (Pushing The) Limits Of Slavery
  • And more! 

Alpha-Beta isn’t your normal lame-stream, tamed-down, domesticated, “BDSM Lifestyle” Guide. Typical male-female focused books on sexual “Power Play” invariably fail to address the unique challenges, hungers, and potentials of the hardcore Alpha-Man/Beta-fag dynamic.

With us, Control and Submission, Domination and Surrender, Cock Worship and Cum-Craving, Tyranny and the hunger for humiliation converge like nowhere else. For us–both Alpha-Men (Gay, Straight, or Bi) and Beta-fags–the line between “play” and “reality” tend to blur into something far more intense, liberating and exiting. 

And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Length: Aprox. 280 Pages

Format: PDF


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