No Master wants a prideful, disobedient slut-slave. We expect our slaves to be like putty in our hands. . . Ready and willing to serve us and our Cocks however we see fit, while gratefully accepting all the humiliation and abuse we may choose to heap on you. Willing to surrender totally to our Alpha-Power and Control. 

I created this audio mind-fuck to deeply experience the all-important truth that every true slave must learn to become, at long last, worthy of total Mastery. The truth That …

You Live For Cock. You Live For Cum. You Live for Master.

Listen to it, over and over again. Feel it, deeper and deeper. Learn it. Know it. And thereby, become the worthy Slave you have so long wanted to be. 

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Length: Aprox 5 Minutes (Created to Play on a Loop-mode) 

Format: Mp3



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