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Whether you’re a novice Cocksucker or think you’re already an accomplished Cocksucker, this book is all about making you the BEST Cocksucking slut in town.  A truly PRO Cocksucker that Men will want to use over and over and over again. 

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Obviously as an Alpha Man, I don’t suck Cock. But I do know what Men want in a Cocksucker, and the many ways that so many Cocksuckers fall short. To remedy this problem I decided a Pro Cocksucking Guide was long overdue.

To make sure you become the champion Cocksucker you want and need to be, I’ve created this based on input from some of the very best, highest skilled, Cocksuckers I’ve ever known and used. And since Cocksucking is an art, but NOT rocket science, I’ve kept it focused and concise: At over 100 no-nonsense, high octane, straight to the point pages it’s packed with strategies, tips and techniques that you simply must know to make Man and Cock happy. 

Ready to go Pro, Cocksucker? Good. Then buy my book now, whore. 

Length: Aprox. 100 Pages

Format: PDF

1 review for PRO COCKSUCKER GUIDE (Ebook)

  1. bitch01 (verified owner)

    it has use both edition1 and 2
    be come of sucking more cock men
    throat fuck me to like the slut it
    is every faggot should use this EZ SLUT book

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