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The Faggot Bible is THE definitive guide to being the 100% Trashy, Slutty, faggot Cumwhore you are meant to be. And as good as the 1st and 2nd editions were, this new edition is twice as long, and twice as good. 

The Master has outdone Himself this time!

Everything has been updated, revised, or expanded and TONS of new content has been added.

Including . . .

20 BONUS EXERCISES to help you get off your whore ass and put My lessons into slutty practice and 65 FILTHY IDEAS FOR SLUTTY FAGGOTS!

The new Faggot Bible is more than just an Ebook … it’s a veritable course for living the slutty faggot life you’ve always dreamed of living and designed to inspire to deeper levels of Cum-drenched depravity and degrading faggotry. 

In it I will guide you down dark corridors of sluttery and whoredom to greater realization of your faggot nature and fulfillment of your ultimate purpose in life: to be used like the Cumslut whore by Real Men. That’s why The Faggot Bible is required reading for everyone who aspires to be a true faggot

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Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in the The Faggot Bible, 3rd Edition.

  • How to KNOW if you really are a faggot, or meant to be one
  • How you can get over the hangups that are holding you back 
  • How to increase your “Faggot Magnetism”
  • How to up your Slut game 
  • How to find Men to use you
  • How to change your relationship into a Master-Slave relationship
  • How to strike a balance between your normal life and your secret faggot “whoremal” life
  • How to get laid TONIGHT
  • How to make your hardcore fantasies living, Cum-drenched, hard-Breeding realities
  • Secrets of Successful faggot cheaters
  • BONUS: 20 EXERCISES to help you put what you’ve learned into slutty, faggot, practice
  • BONUS: 65 SLUTTY IDEAS for being an extreme faggot

Length: Aprox. 440Pages

Format: PDF 


  1. Paul S (verified owner)

    I bought this ebook a few months ago and have already read it 3 times. It’s a really good book for us to have so we can use it as guide to always get better as faggots. Thank You FagMaster for this.

  2. Andrey Shekhovtsov (verified owner)

    I have bought this book two days ago
    I have read it 2 times
    Now I understand how it works and what I have to do
    During several years already I spent half of my income for young superior alpha gods. I was not sure if it is normal.
    Now I’m sure it is not normal. Normal is to give more.
    Thank you FagMaster

  3. czech_faggot (verified owner)

    Read this a couple of times by now. At the very least it might help you identify faggots (yourself or someone else), explain what their are, what they crave and how they think.

    If one is a faggot or wishes to become one (or even use one), this book is a must.

  4. paul, jr (verified owner)

    I got this ebook last year, it was my first from MastersDUngeon, and I read it a bit of it everyday. There’s a lot of knowledge for us faggots here in this book and thanks to FagMaster we can use it to learn and evolve as inferiors. If you’re wondering if the book does worth the money, be sure it does.

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